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The Warehouse is a new building added in the latest update (version 1.2.52). Its purpose is to store objects and exchange them for Honor Badges. You can also exchange Merits, a new currency earned in the Hero Expedition feature of the Arena, for 12 random rewards.

When clicking on the building you can either click on “Warehouse” which has three tabs for storing and selling items, or you can click “Trade Merits”.

  • Warehouse is also known as the “Commodity House
  • This building unlocks at Town Hall Level 3
  • Warehouse cannot be upgraded
  • You can find Warehouse in “Shop” to build it and start exchanging merits.


Clicking the Warehouse shows you 3 important Icons. These Icons serves as tabs upon entering to warehouse to trade items. These Icons are Info, Enter and Trade Merits.

Here are the details of the 3 Icon tabs:

Info Enterwarehouse Trademerits
  • Info – Shows the details of the Warehouse and what you can trade inside.
  • Enter – is the gateway to go inside the warehouse or the commodity house where you can see options of items to trade with merits and items to get.
  • Trade Merits – is the lists of available items which you can trade merits for.


Warehouse 0All 

In this tab you can see all of the objects of yours that can be sold in exchange for honor badges. This can be for example EXP Books. One green EXP Book exchanges for 25 HB, blue EXP Book exchanges for 120 HB, while purple book exchanges for 400 HB. Other numbers and exchangeable objects are not known yet. You have the option to sell them for HB or use them up by clicking “proceed”. This will bring you to the Tactics Academy in the Heroes Altar.


This tab shows all the objects that can be sold for HB but can also be consumed. Only EXP Books are displayed here.

Gift Pack 

It is not yet known what you can do in this tab.

Trade Merits

Trade MeritsHere you can exchange your Merits that are earned in the feature “Hero Expedition” for rewards. Every day there will be 12 rewards. They are random and refreshes daily at 21:00 server time. You can also reroll them for 100 Gems. But you can only re-roll 10 times, then you have to wait until the server refreshes.


The list displayed below might be incomplete. The Packs come in the colors green (first pack), blue (second pack) and purple (third pack). The purple pack includes the most rewards but is also the most expensive, while the green pack is the cheapest and grants the least rewards.

Reward Name Reward Content Quantity Price Unit cost (Sell item)
Tome ITome I Gives 1,000 EXP to a Hero. 10 600 Merits 25 HB
Tome IITome II Gives 5,000 EXP to a Hero. 4 1120 Merits 120 HB
Tome IIITome III Gives 20,000 EXP to a Hero. 2 2000 Merits 400 HB
Mana Pack IMana Pack I 10000 mana 3 84 Merits
Mana Pack IIMana Pack II 50000 mana 2 250 Merits
Mana Pack IIIMana Pack III 300000 mana 1 675 Merits
Gold Pack IGold Pack I Grants 10,000 Gold. 3 84 Merits
Gold Pack IIGold Pack II Grants 50,000 Gold. 2 250 Merits
Gold Pack IIIGold Pack III Grants 300,000 Gold. 1 675 Merits
Shard Pack IShard Pack I Grants 10 shards 1 55 Merits
Shard Pack IIShard Pack II Grants 50 shards 1 250 Merits
Shard Pack IIIShard Pack III Grants 200 shards 1 900 Merits
Honor Badge Pack IHonor Badge Pack I Grants 100 Honor Badges. 1 42 Merits
Honor Badge Pack IIHonor Badge Pack II Grants 500 Honor Badges. 1 180 Merits
Honor Badge Pack IIIHonor Badge Pack III Grants 2000 Honor Badges. 1 630 Merits
EXP Pack IEXP Pack I Grants 10 Tome I. 1 500 Merits
EXP Pack IIEXP Pack II Grants 10 Tome I and 6 Tome II. 1 1900 Merits
EXP Pack IIIEXP Pack III Grants 10 Tome 1, 6 Tome II and 3 Tome III. 1 4500 Merits
Slime EssenceSlime Essence Gives 100 Skill EXP when consumed. 10 550 Merits
Crystal Ooze EssenceCrystal Ooze Essence Gives 600 Skill EXP when consumed. 2 600 Merits
Gelatinous Champion EssenceGelatinous Champion Essence Gives 3,000 Skill EXP when consumed. 1 1500 Merits
Sacrifice Hero CardSacrifice Hero Card Randomly grants some Slime Essence 1 3200 Merits
Hero CardHero Card Hires 1 random Hero. 1 72 Merits 3 Shards
Elite Hero CardElite Hero Card Hires 1 random Elite Hero. 1 300 Merits
Legendary Hero CardLegendary Hero Card Hires 1 random Legendary Hero. (Can’t be used to hire Minotaur Chieftain, Spirit Mage, or Moltanica.) 1 13000 Merits 20 Shards
Dungeon Entry CardDungeon Entry Card Increases Dungeon Entries to maximum. 1 250 Merits
Talent Refresh CardTalent Refresh Card Refresh a Hero’s Talent once for free. 1 300 Merits 500 HB
Monster PassMonster Pass Increases Here Be Monsters Entries by 1. 1 4500 Merits
Trial Entry CardTrial Entry Card Increases Hero Trials Entries by 1. 1 1000 Merits
Quest Completion CardQuest Completion Card Increases Quest auto-completes by 3. 1 1000 Merits
Quest Refresh CardQuest Refresh Card Immediately resets the Quest cooldown time. 1 5000 Merits 32000 Gold
Hero Slot CardHero Slot Card Unlocks 1 Heroes Altar slot. (Can’t be used to unlock slots beyond the maximum number.) 1 250 Merits

Information about the Items:

Most items are used from within the Warehouse but a few items are more unique in their uses

  • Talent Refresh Card: Usually when Re-rolling Heroes Talents, the button would indicate the Gem cost. When you have this card, the button will instead read “Re-Roll” with the amount of cards you have in brackets. You can own up to 50 Talent Refresh Cards.
  • Dungeon Entry Card: Used in Dungeons. Tap it to increase Dungeon Entries to maximum.
  • Quest Completion Card: Used at the Quest Board. When you’ve used up your chances to instantly complete quests, a ‘+’ button will appear. Tap it to use a Quest Completion Card and restore your quest completion chances.
  • Quest Refresh Card: When on cooldown after completing a set of Quests, the ‘OK’ button on the cooldown prompt will change to a refresh button. “Use Quest Refresh Card to immediately begin the next set of quests? (x left)”
  • Hero Slot Card: Usually when unlocking Hero Slots at the Heroes Altar, the button below would indicate the Gem Cost. When you have this card, the button will instead have the text “Unlock (amount)”.

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