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Wall is your first line of defense. Place them strategically to hinder the enemy’s advance.

Walls are built to slow down enemy attackers and protect important buildings. High level walls have a lot of HP. Walls can be connected into “rows” and a row of walls can be moved, “rotated” or upgraded as a single body.

  • Flying units/heroes fly over all walls and will never target walls.
  • Your troops and Heroes can jump over your walls.
  • Good wall placement is important.
  • Upgrading and building walls don’t require a free builder and finish upgrading instantly.
  • Careful arrangement of walls holds the troops that try to run around walls and that will help your towers to take them out.


Click Wall and you will see 4 Icons. These are Info,Upgrade, Rotate and Full Row Icons.

Here are the details of each Icons:

Info Upgrade1 Rotate1 Fullrow
  • Info – shows details about your wall.
  • Upgrade – gives you an option to upgrade your wall in certain levels.
  • Rotate – gives you an option to move on rotation a full rows of your wall either side ways or angular.
  • Full Row – gives you an option to choose the whole row of wall.


Level Level Up Cost (Gold) Hitpoints
1 100 Gold.png 500
2 500 Gold.png 1,500
3 1,000 Gold.png 3,000
4 3,000 Gold.png 5,000
5 5,000 Gold.png 8,000
6 10,000 Gold.png 12,000
7 20,000 Gold.png 20,000
8 30,000 Gold.png 30,000
9 50,000 Gold.png 40,000
10 100,000 Gold.png 50,000


Tier (Level) 1 2 3 4 5
Image Wall 1 Wall 2 Wall 3 Wall 4 Wall 5
Tier (Level) 6 7 8 9 10
Image Wall 6 Wall 7 Wall 8 Wall 9 Wall 10
Tier (Level) 11 12 13 14 15
Image Wall 11 Wall 12 Wall 13 Wall 14 Wall 15


  • Walls no longer increase might with 1 per level as they used to.
  • At level 10, the walls will periodically sprout a flame if they are at the end of a row.
  • At level 11-15, the walls will periodically Glow due to Icicles added glowing if they are at the end of a row. (but are all the same)
  • There’s a trick to complete the “Destroy 3,000 walls” achievement. Use Immortep or Vlad Dracula  (or Serpent Queen, Pain-Da, Cyclops, but not recommended), to go the leaderboard ranking from the bottom and attack weak bases. They mostly have level 1 or 2 walls so that’s easy for Immortep to destroy all the walls using his skill.

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