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VainGlory First Look (Gameplay, Review, Thoughts & Esports)

Download Vainglory Here:
VainGlory First Look (Gameplay, Review, Thoughts & Esports) So here we have some gameplay of another moba on mobile! Showing some features and gameplay in VG
And thanks to Vainglory for this collaboration! (sponsored)

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Previous video (Mobile Legends Alpha Gameplay):

In This Video:
Vainglory gameplay review
Vainglory Thought Heroes
Vainglory Best hero?

Music: NCS

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  1. Vainglory TBH is hard to play since I havnt seen it completly but its longer and harder to aim TBH but tutorial and other are really good

  2. If you people get bored to this game too quick then your just an averege moba gamer..

  3. It's a shame you don't have a wider audience, check out U 2 B Z O N E . C O M – It will help you 🙂

  4. Bluepanda, U can buy lots of skins in Vainglory without using money unlike ML.Also VG soon will release 5V5

  5. don't know why It happened but who else got triggered when he said that "ice are basically diamonds"…no one just me ok

  6. i've had 8-10mins of gameplay on a casual match granted me and my friends were using discord and I was playing WP saw and my other friend was using a WP barron with our captain being lyra

  7. bro you and the other guest is playing against bots even if you choose pvp if you are still a new player it will automatically put you against bots

  8. I can play mobile legends because I play this game first 🙂

  9. ………….VG IS BETTER!…..

    now we wait….

  10. For those of you mobile legends fans who don't want to give Vainglory a chance, just please do.

    Vainglory is a reasonably good game, just play a few games with an open mind, instead of just saying it straight up sucks for no apparent reason.

    If you don't enjoy the game for any legit reason, I'll respect your opinion. It's as simple as that.

    If you do just say the game sucks for some dumb reason like "mobile legends is more popular than Vainglory, therefore it's better," just.. stfu.

  11. A new review on the new look of Vainglory…good job dude

  12. So what do u think about Vainglory ,Bluepanda?

  13. Wow. Cool
    ID:22052312 (2025)
    Skin:Phandom blade-karina

  14. Both games good but ml better so far but when vg 5vs5 come I will say bye to ml 😶

  15. Everyone said VG is just 3v3 and boring,but not for me.

  16. BluePanda Pleas dont quit mobile legends

  17. ID: 62411853
    IGN: Fak!
    ( Liked & Subcribed)

  18. Everything will change when the 5v5 map comes*sigh*

  19. Vainglory 5v5 is almost here peps.

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