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TOP 10 Heroes In Castle Clash!!!

What is up you guys first off this list isn’t in any specific order, It is just a list of what heroes I personally think made the biggest impact to castle clash. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this video if you do don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more daily content. (;


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  1. Took a two year break from CC. Now there are sooo many new heroes I don’t know who to use on my team. Some one help!
    I have Pumpkin, Grimsfiend, Dread Drake, gholem, Michael, Orksbane, Lady Leo, Heartbreaker, Gunslinger, pixie, warlock, medusa, death knight, santa, Cupid, Aries, lil nick, harpy queen and Kandy Kane. I also have all the shardable heroes except grizzly. Who should I use for my 6??

  2. My First Legendaries Ever were from 450 gems… it gave me Grimfiend, Thunder God , Siren…
    I kept Grimfiend…anyway my grimfiend is evolved level 171…

    TRIXIE T … (LEVEL 140, UN-EVO)
    HEARTBR .. (LEVEL 180, UN-EVO)

    Reply Your Review Of My Team (My Heroes DESTROY Skull Knight in a 1V1…Don’t try to argue xD)

  3. My First Legendaries Ever were from 450 gems… it gave me Grimfiend, Thunder God , Siren…
    I kept Grimfiend…anyway my grimfiend is evolved level 171…

    TRIXIE T … (LEVEL 140, UN-EVO)
    HEARTBR .. (LEVEL 180, UN-EVO)

    Reply Your Review Of My Team (My Heroes DESTROY Skull Knight in a 1V1…Dont try to argue xD

  4. Here is what I roll for free to play player: Skull Knight,Grimfiend, Heartbreaker, pumpkin Duke, Cupid,orksbane,warlock,beast tamer, ghoulem, Vlad Dracula, death Knight, snowzilla,dracax,Trixie treat, pixie, Valentina,santa boom, and all shard heroes, for all this playing.

  5. Which 6 heroes should I use in my team?
    Got almost all the new heroes except Ronin and heart breaker.
    And all the other ones except vlad and SK.

  6. angkumarakmarak

    7days login reward I got pd

  7. How do i reach these kiiidz

  8. My first legend was druid and second was Aries which I got from gems and after 1 month when I got a PD and I bought a legend from hero altar Paladin and my second month reward was succubus(boaring). And my new login reward give me a thunder God, importer,and a hero like scorpion I forgot his name and on seventh day I got a legendary hero card which I rolled and got a Vlad Dracula. But I really want a skull knight this time.
    Pumpkin duke – 130 lv
    Aries-120 lv
    And I later got a heart beaker and siren by gems. I think I am not so luckey because I don’t have skull knight. : (

  9. lol today i rolled 12000 gems and i got 3 warlock 3 candy kane and a skull knight and 2 succubus and 1trixie treat but want a revenant

  10. I got beast tamer on first roll and Pali lol

  11. My heroes are treantuar, vlad, pumpkin duke, aries, skull knight, druid, pixie, death knight, santa boom, dread drake, succubus, ninja, paladin, grizzly reaper, champion, thunder god, siren. i don’t know who to use in my teams!!!

    • Your best heroes are pd, sk, DD, Vlad, and Aries. They are great heroes. All worth double evolving to 200. The sixth would be SB or reaper. I have almost 200 k might so I speak from experience. Good luck.

  12. With my 1st 150 Germ Roll I get my Harpy Queen that awesome

  13. I have so much luck, i got 6000 gems and i roll it then i get pumpkin dude and treanture 😀 (:

  14. i got vlad dracula and candy kane today

  15. y is there no love for pally

  16. I got a pumkin duke on my first roll and I freaked the f*** out.

  17. I got a Santa boom in 300 gems

  18. My first two rolls I got were skull knight and dread drake lolololol



  21. skull night is so crazy

  22. i rolled 7000 i got 2 dread drake , 1 trunder god and also 1 vlad…. lol

  23. First Legendary hero pulled was santa boom

  24. I only have 100 level druid and 100 level paladin ?

  25. yo true story i swear on my life but i have no proof
    i have a free to play account on cc i made it when i was really little and stopped then recently i started again and i had a lot of gems i rolled them all and got vlad then later on a lucky roll with 1000 gems i got PD then later i got reaper (i would just save up gems and roll) then a couple days ago i had 600 gems i was still saving and i got a legendary hero card from the daily rewards thing i used it and got a thunder god i was feeling lucky and rolled SANTA BOOM in my first and only roll i could afford. my brother was sitting beside me and he flipped out lol. my account name is hadimehdi check it out msg me im super lucky :D

  26. my first role was a pumpkin duke mine is level 100

  27. only good legendarys I have are Vlad,Pumpkin Duke and Harpy Queen ?

  28. 2500$?… dude you have a gamble problem. Get some help lol

  29. I have pumpkin duke lvl 100

  30. I just say u whats Insane. One day I downloaded this game and i had 600 gems and I was only Town Hall 3 So I rolled my Gems and I got the fuckn best heroes ever My feeling and all this I got Vlad with Duke !!!! That was so fuckn amazing!

  31. 2.5k bucks!!!!!!? For a pd??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha u suck! I didn't even spend a penny for mine 450 gems is all I used :)

  32. All I need is Santa boom I have a evolved pumpkin duke

  33. For me best hero is Vlad Dracula my Vlad defeated pumpkin dude army going solo.

  34. my heroes is treantaur,paladin,druid,scubbus and champion

  35. My heroes
    Level 135 Ghoulum
    Level 122 Druid
    Level 120 Thunder God and Succabus
    Level 102 Champion
    #6 would be a Level 103 Archer

  36. I WANNA ORANGE DILDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I got lucky on my first few roles I got skull Knight pumpkin duke death Knight candy cane champion and paladin, I never bought gems, I just collected 5k gems and than rolled

  38. pumpkin duke doesn't even fight or defend well why is everyone saying they need him? it not that good

  39. i got vlad and pumken duke in one roll

  40. i just rolled harpy queen and warlock in 1 roll

  41. "I was sh*ting bricks, he was imortep on crack!"LOL

  42. i am f2p I have dracula snowzilla aries immortep and treantaur

  43. Lol i got pumpkin dude for 2 free Rolls ???

  44. there ate a lot of game changers

  45. I poop alto it feels good????????

  46. i got PD on my 8th role

  47. Is this true luck that i rolled pumpkin duke with one 150 roll (i rolled him with 150 gems)

  48. just shut up and start the video, 10 minuts of speech and 0.30 seconds of real video… pls man

  49. Need some member in my guild can you give a shout out ((DESTINY))

  50. I have a cupid AKA THE BABY

  51. I was lucky to get Santa and vlad really lucky

  52. YOU SPENT 2500$

  53. I got PD for absolutely free! I got it from 150 gem rolling)

  54. What  about Dread drake and Ghoulem *

  55. Who should I feed Santa boom or warlock

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