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Rolling 55K Gems for new Heroes! Castle Clash

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  1. Just rolled a 5/5 revite aries by a random 150, with no quest.

  2. Lmao if i was that guy i would be pissed tf off

  3. if you know castle clash a lot, can someone please help me out with my account

  4. Don't go 450 then 150 over and over again go like 150,150,150,450,450,150 and switch it up once and a while.

  5. damn ur unlucky dude aev. My last rolls have been anubis gunslinger Michel and Ronin for 20 bucks

  6. What happened to Pandatrex? Only 1 member left, not even you.

  7. Was going to join pandatrex and just noticed that it no longer exists. R.I.P 😢😣

  8. should i replace any of my heros for heer be monsters h i have pumpkin duje vlad and cupid and ronin should i change any of them foe trixy treet

  9. iv been watching you for years. maybe you have shown yourself already but it's cool to finally see ya. cheers!

  10. left to right is shortest distance between the roll buttons rather than looping it in a curve above. just saying

  11. why is your guild with just 1 member dude, what happen?

  12. what a disgusting session. This makes me hesitate to roll the 20k i saved for over 2 months :/

  13. what happened to your guild?

  14. wow really??? Im way better than this account
    Im at the same might and have double evolved heroes and most of my heroes are evolved… and Im f2p!

  15. hey why are you deleting all comments related to your guild?

  16. will you be posting a video explaining what happened to PandaTrex guild? Seems youre trying to keep it secret.

  17. Wait what!!! Pandatrex is dead!!!
    Why did everyone leave???
    What happened??
    Why are you by your self (if that's your ign)?
    One of the top guilds has fallen below the basement. R.I.P.
    Why so?
    Somebody answer please.

  18. Anyone have an op account on castle clash iOS I really need it thx.😂

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