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Proof That Roger is The BEST Hero! Mobile Legends Roger Perfect Gameplay pentakill

Proof That Roger is The BEST! Mobile Legends Roger Perfect Gameplay pentakill! just an amazing gameplay with the new hero roger in mobile legends! hope you enjoy!

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In This Video:
Mobile Legends Roger gameplay build
Mobile Legends pentakill quadrakill triplekill double kill
Mobile Legends amazing commentary

Music: NCS


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  1. lol i got 2015 with karina succ my d she is the best hero

  2. Yeah roger is the best he van defeat any hero acept lapu lapu they fight roger may win or lapu lapu may win the power level of them both r the same

  3. ign:kingkirto11
    skin:lone hero alucard

  4. The only thing that will be good in roger if they remove the MANA

  5. Guys(and girls lol) anyways um i have 24000 bp and i dont know who to buy can you people the choices are chou karrie or roger

  6. When I play Roger I just go in first in a team fight so I can get kills and I got a qoadra

  7. BluePanda you have no haa'as claws and your wrong you put a pentakill 1 there but it's quadra hahahahaha

  8. What recorder do you use panda??

  9. ID:60506579
    IGN: they call me ACE
    I subscribed and liked your videos

  10. id: 37190095(3048)
    ign: depson
    skin: Roger dark gent
    I'm already subscribed and like
    thanks Idol 🐼 panda

  11. please send me skin it is my 6th request please please.i want Roger​ dark gent skin please.my id-64899775(2112)

  12. Karina is the best because at the end damage is unbelievable

  13. Please for me skin roger ID18542287(2024)

  14. Haii guy subcribe to my channel…
    I need subcriber.
    Thx guys

  15. ID:75200711
    Skin:Roger Dark Gent
    (Subscribe and like)

  16. ID:70841612(2131)
    IGN:CWnoober level 24
    SKIN:Silver Cyclone or Spacetime Shadow
    (Subscribed and liked)
    Love You Mr.Cute Blue Panda

  17. ID: 49284996
    IGN: Tetrahedron
    Skin: Roger Dark Gent

  18. You think your pro because you got so much kills with noobs?

  19. Roger never get nerfed cuz his abilities are hard to control what i mean is like his wolf form and human form so most roger users hides on bush to turn into a wolf and ambush people

  20. Id-88233676
    skin-lone hero(alucard)

  21. why your voice is so sexy?

  22. ID : 58310903
    IGN : fauwaz32
    SKIN : Hayabusa Spacetime Shadow
    (Subscribe and likes)

  23. ID: 49492606
    IGN: Cannot Dead
    Skin: Roger Dark Gent
    (Subscribed and Liked)

  24. Wow gameplay from yesterday the map is old

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