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New “PRIME” Hero Card? Castle Clash

we didn’t hear about this in the update notes!

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Join PandaTrex!
Looking for active players who can haul at 20:45 server time for torch and participate in guild wars each and every time!
We are a Top 10 Guild Focused on Guild Wars!

Prefer players with 210k Might Minimum and necessary heroes to score consistently in Guild Wars! (Aries, Warlock, Skull Knight, WG Mino, Devo Etc)
Competitive but fun guild to be in!
Work towards gaining might and getting strong to Perform well in all assets of the game!
Boss 3 at 22:00 server time daily. Boss 2 (New Merit Boss) 21:30 Server time
No Rules Boss. Start from beginning with no limits.
Max rewards at Torch battle – 960 shards.
Line contacts: (LINE ID) Toonamo
(LINE ID) Thomlch (thats an L not an i)


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  1. just bought this pack an hr ago. got a dd out of this prime hero card wanted a gf but no luck

  2. aevatrex u have room in ur guild im guildless and with what might would i be able to join?

  3. Its not the old reaper model, its Grimfiend's Transformation XD

  4. Aev did you also see we can donate those erasers to get to change the guild name (10 erasers)

  5. the image in the prime hero card looks like Grimfiends demon

  6. not old model of reaper, loks more like grim demon. the dude above grim in the hero altar

  7. If i was igg,i would put this PLHC on the bazar for Like 70k merits,ir more,i mean,it's fair

  8. Think the with the feature of selling heroes it's made this game more pay 2 win than ever, at least with rolls there's luck involved … Also to say I'm 100k might as a f2p and can 100% bases double my might in gw doesn't give justice to how much people spend…imo

  9. Think the with the feature of selling heroes it's made this game more pay 2 win than ever, at least with rolls there's luck involved … Also to say I'm 100k might as a f2p and can 100% bases double my might in gw doesn't give justice to how much people spend…imo

  10. hey ave.. love your vids but pls change your Intro plsssss!!!

  11. the "new hero card" is some month old and it was in the patch notes some month ago

  12. Too me. The hero on the card, looks like immortep

  13. That card looks like Phantom King

  14. shit what igg need to do is replace the hero card we got on the 30 day mark with a prime hero card so f2p have some of then good hero evenbody need a dd and sk more it one of the best hero plp use to this day and will not be replace anytime soon and add more hero if they do something like that plp will buy gem in this game and roll hero hell add a prime hero card 2 and 3 to the mix plp will have something good out of all of then bad roll u get on this game

  15. Prime hero card icon is Grimfiend's demon.

  16. which app u using on ur pc to play CC???

  17. I wish they changed the 30 days card with this.

  18. IGG exposed aev. they are releasing super good packs because they are greedy and want people to keep spending

  19. and not listen to the players

  20. Honestly even among the 'prime heroes' the odds of getting sk, gh, gf… must be low. You guys should know how impossible it is to get a sk out of event HC. Look at the top row of heroes. All of them appear in the 19.90 pack in bazaar. I think igg'll just put those odds at 95%.

  21. the pet bag doesn't need hatch time.. that's the only benefit

  22. Its grimfiend on the card i think

  23. The card looks like an undead mage from WoW.

  24. i hope they add these great bazarpacks on the germanserver soon because we get just crap in the bazar

  25. Aevatrex I heard that the highest hero card is gonna be 4 and in there you can get SK DREAD DRAKE and GHOULEM

  26. Green Card=Angel
    Blue Card=Executioner
    LHS(E) =SK?
    PHC= Grimfiend

  27. I'm f2p 102k might and I have rolled about 100k gems in total. I still have no vlad, goulem or Santana boom so hopefully f2p can get the new hero card.

  28. It's modeled after grimfiend

  29. I would kill for a Vlad. Valentina might also be nice.

  30. They need to add more shard Heros to buy like phantom King and siren except they suck.

  31. IGG need give more for f2p so the can buy whit gems and not so mach pudig price like 3000 gems for nafting good, and lots my frends give up to play

  32. Santa Boom? Are you kidding? I have him double evolved at 200 and he is essential for Expedition, when he aims at the right target.

  33. The prime hero card has a I beside it… "Prime hero card I", does that means there are better prime hero cards?

  34. i think the Front of the card shows a grimfiend

  35. what is inside that legendary hero event card?

  36. I have almost all heroes from this cards except pixie trentaur,beast tamer and ghoulem. And I am f2p might 69.000

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