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NEW Karina Skin Review/Gameplay! Black Pearl Mobile Legends (Starlight Skin)

NEW Karina Skin Review/Gameplay! Black Pearl Mobile Legends (Starlight Skin) So here we have some gameplay of the new skin for karina Black Pearl! I really like it do you?

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In This Video:
Mobile Legends New Karina Skin Gameplay
Mobile Legends Update Patch
Mobile Legends Starlight Member exclusive skin

Music: NCS


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  1. Hi Bluepanda, i curious about your control, please show us, about your control setting.
    im frustating with new update control, thats make me never use mm again. btw im in epic rank, lets play together,
    #sorry my bad english

    id : 41014758
    nick : 7ikmal

  2. hey brother.. later can you do minotour gameplay? im sure many players waiting for proper mino guide as new skin cme out later.. waiting for your good videos! =)

  3. after this video…. BluePanda posted a video titled like 2 abilities? where the heck did it go?

  4. what about minotaur skin

  5. I'm so jealous that karina SM has special effects but natalia SM doesn't have. Tsk
    But I have a feeling that the next legend skin would be natalia. 😂😂😂

  6. I thought there a small skin giveaway??anyway
    Skin:Dragon Knight or Spear of the bone dragon

  7. Hi BluePanda I'm a fan of yours, I liked all your videos and subscribe to your channel. 😘 I'm hoping for skin giveaway here's my details:
    ID: 57367454
    IGN: Mr. Killer ~ Master
    SKIN: Dark Rose(Freya)
    Thanks if your giving me my wish! 😘

  8. wow this a nice skin and a nice vid.thanks for reminding me:)
    and btw
    i subbed
    i liked
    and great vid.hihi

  9. blue panda play heroes evolved please

  10. heroes evolved is best moba for android

  11. ID: 24166728 (5007)
    IGN: Blossome
    Skin: Ruby's Cat girl skin

  12. how you get on advanced sever

  13. IGN: Mega Fegget
    ID: 42921089
    Skin: Dark Rose(Freya)
    Subscribed, Liked and Commented

  14. Rather spend those 10 bucks on steam than on that shit

  15. Her Boobs Doesnt Bounce Anymore😥😥😥

  16. can you please stop talking like you're taking a shit? your voice is annoying

  17. bluePanda I got 1quadra and penta in one game with karina I'm pilipino can you beat pilipino's pro gaming

  18. name:herobren
    skin:alpha's firce dragon

  19. Karina: Black Pearl and Bane are like couples❤ They must be dating😅 lol

    IGN: Jan_Squared
    ID: 22125951(3204)
    Skin: Any Skin

  20. things I wanna ride
    bane's ship :))

  21. 48632280(2210)
    IGN:Gray Panda
    Skin:Roger Dark Gent

  22. Clints new starlight skin or Hayabusas Future enforcer skin?

  23. Id: 24206076
    Nick: Delray Fashion18
    Skin: karina Christmas cheers

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