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NEW Hero Leaked Pictures! Mobile Legends Female Assassin Karrie

NEW Hero Leaked Pictures! Mobile Legends Female Assassin Karrie, So here we have the new hero leaked! looks like a female assassin! can’t wait for some gameplay! real of fake?

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In This Video:
Mobile Legends New Hero Leaked
Mobile Legends Karrie
Mobile Legends Female Assassin

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  1. guys mobile legend is better than "HEROES EVOLVED" installed this game mobile legend uninstalled

  2. OMG! Karina's Twin Sister? Karrie and Karina😅

  3. Maybe the new hero is like Roger?

  4. It haven't even been a week and another hero?

  5. Im so damn poor I spent all my BP on Roger ughhh :'v

  6. Yay another op assassin like karina well time to move on with karina

  7. lmfao the moment you say "fidget spinner" I was dying of laughter 😂😂

  8. Hi BluePanda hope you notice me 🙁

  9. So ugly I think the skill is too op

  10. hey hey ml its not easy to get bp that fast

  11. Fuccboy
    Moskov- Spear of Bone Dragon

    #PandaArmy 💪🔥

  12. ID : 52914770 (2087)
    IGN : Gusti Ngurah
    Skin : Holy Sacrifice (Estes)

  13. i want😂
    36039540 ken.kaneki
    hayabusa skin

  14. IGN: Chidori_orz
    ID: 30838225(2043)
    Layla Green Flash skin
    Thank you!!!

  15. ID: 50617583
    IGN: Invictus_Epica
    Freya Dark Rose Skin
    Blue Panda 🙂

  16. is me name elena kaiiree cool

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