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New Hero Gatot Kaca Teaser! Mobile Legends

New Hero Gatot Kaca Teaser! Mobile Legends! So here we have a teaser/trailer for the new hero gatot kaca which is coming to mobile legends soon! cam’t wait for some gameplay!

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In This Video:
Mobile Legends New hero Gatot kaca
Mobile Legends Teaser trailer
Mobile Legends update patch

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  1. gatot kaca is one of the myth heroes of indonesia… actually i know him from read the comic when I was in elementary school 😂

  2. love you blue panda love you gatotkaca love you mobile legend

  3. uuuwwh yeaaaah…he is a bad ass

  4. Widih hero indonesia pertama membanggakan indo di mobile legends PASTI GW BELI!!!

  5. I know this hero is cool and all
    but let's take a look at that trailer

    does Michael Bay directed that trailer?
    that legendary horn sound
    All we need now are EXPLOSION!!!

  6. i bet hes like the new GALIO fused with VI. from League of Legends.
    (his skillsets)

  7. Wow!!!!!
    He is an important character of mahabharat.He is the son of Bahubali Bheem(Relly powerful man,One of five padva brothers)and monster mother hidimba.
    I am looking forward to this…..this will be amazing….And you said his name wrong…Don't know how to tell you,how to pronounce his name lol….

  8. i see this not a new hero
    is skin choc???

  9. Gatot kaca fron malaysia,so proud for malaysia 😂 #peace

  10. Gatot kaca is super hero in indonesia we can't wait for launching gatot kaca,😂😆

  11. i know this hero, he is from wkwkwk land . . cool

  12. you dont know anything@aron chin bangsat cina pki

  13. im indonesian player dude. hahaha sup.. for correct spelling you can say "gatot kacha"
    sorry for interrupting and you always give us some exellent videos.. keep it up…
    keep the blue panda flying high

    Christmast Cheer Eudora lol

  14. Otot Kawat Balung Wesi
    Now its come to your hand to be played.
    Can't wait to have this Hero once its release.

    Thanks to awesome Indonesian Comic artist who made this character so awesome, so alive, so youth-like-designed, and independently publish the Comic call Garudayana until Moonton met him. That artist called Is Yuniarto, the original creator of this version of Gatot Kaca.

    So yeah as Indonesian I am so proud of my fellow country-man who originally create this character, eventhough its based on Indiam Myth Mahabharata. But if anyone said this hero from India, then you might ask this question first. Why its named Gatot Kaca (Literal name in Bahasa) not Gattotkacha (as in original words of sanskrit)?

  15. nanti kalu mau masukin hero indo lagi gan, ada masukkan ?

    how about pitung?

  16. bangsat orang malaysia/malayshit dan maling anjing cina

  17. i think gatot kaca is from the movie bahubali

  18. Aduh indon…Belum ada kata putus dong dri dev…Ngapa mcm2 cerita gatot kaca?udah konfirm?ngada ajaa

  19. he looks like hercules im so excited to use that hero

  20. Gatot kaca kalau di ML nanti jelek pasti kapok untuk main ML lagi so please make proud indonesian people proud ML

  21. malaysia hero please…hang tuah..hhahahahaha

  22. Bro its gatot koco… Try to use google translate for how u say the name of gatot koco not kaca. Thnks


  23. gatot kaca itu berasal dari pewayangan indonesia. dan dulu indonesia mayoritas beragama hinduism. jadi yg kita lihat sekarang karena india yg mayoritas beragama hindu akan mengclaim bahwa gatot kaca atau gatotkach ini dari india. sebenarnya tidak salah karena Gatotkaca berasal dari budaya hindu. dari pewayangan. dan pewayangan indonesia(java) sangat kental dengan pewayangan hindu. so please guys, stop it. its our.

  24. gatot kaca is a hero legend from indonesia

  25. ID:57557012(2143)
    Skin: Karrie (Rising Star)

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