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MrFeeney followup

Follow up vid for MrFeeney


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  1. lol
    2nd view
    gj but if u organize the vids it might be a little better

  2. jesus those heros lol i would love to do a 30 second 37 shard raid, only got 8.5k but growing. i just got cupid so ty for that vid

  3. hey can you give a guild shoutout for GOD_OF_WARFARE
    we are ios
    we do boss fights 20:00:00 severtime
    5 shards daily
    and pretty sure that 5000 might to join

  4. i hate not having the duke in my team

  5. I love power raiding, great stuff. PD rules!!!

  6. I would love to see a boss fight with his hero's.  Maybe PD,Cupid, Druid, Champion, succubus or ninja for 5th.  

  7. It's look Like Cheat Engine lol! i don't believed PD + Frenzy can do that, so Amazing , the first time i saw the first video and  i thought  that was a hack. LOL! 

  8. Try letting heros stack up pd's skill instead of guardians like the raid u got at 5:00 its better to put pd first then druid

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