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MrFeeney 9/9 PD

Check this craziness out!


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  1. Pd 9/9. > cupid 9/9 any day. .. lol

  2. Might be the coolest raid I've ever seen!!!

  3. Keep up the good work! I liked and subscribed to your channel!

  4. Its like a hack lol, speed hack lol

  5. Because of this video I subbin try it with boss

  6. his HP bar is not reduced, it should be attacked by many troops as it decrease a bit at least. There are almost similar Cheat Videos like it, you can find it on youtube. and do not pretend not to know that the top rank is all the silent cheaters.

  7. It wouldve been cool if he pit guardians every wher with pd procking it would be amazing

  8. Omg this is so weird I just realized the sm beat his broc and you said it ! Wow! Awesome video tho

  9. Pumpkin duke procced 7 too 8 times

    thats not normal

  11. I don't even have pd and I have 10000 might

  12. id love to see this with a 5/5 speint ninja

  13. give us a video of him on tier 3 boss

  14. Hurshh, what townhall did you have in this vid?

  15. wow i was happy for my 4/9 pumpkin duke but 9/9 just wow

  16. Please stop calling him mr fReeney.

  17. SM's proc could not even match the speed

  18. wow! i'm still without PD after all that time and about 70K gems rolled ,20 treasure boxes etc 31K Might  not even Cupid any ideas ??? is IGG not being fair to some or what?     anyway that PD would look good on my team !!!   :)~

  19. I like how u reply to almost every comment 🙂

  20. Great pd I just got my first one 2 days ago and greatest raid I have ever seen and sandseven hi love ur vids… 🙂

  21. Nice video man, awesome video man. Love it!!!

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