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Mobile Legends VS Heroes Evolved (ML v HE) (Gameplay, Features)

Mobile Legends VS Heroes Evolved (ML v HE) (Gameplay, Features) Comparing Two Mobile Moba games two each other!
Showing of skins, heroes, items, stats,Best players!
And Big Thanks To Heroes Evolved For This Collaboration! 😀

Download Heroes Evolved Here:
Android: https://app.adjust.com/979ea5
ios: https://app.adjust.com/5ndyff

Heroes Evolved Full Game Review

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In This Video:
Mobile Legends vs heroes evolved
Mobile Moba Game (LOL)

Music: NCS

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  1. ID: 23386505
    IGN: Kuroko
    Skin: Cyclops (exorcist)

  2. Id : 5706844
    Ign : GG Pateytey
    Hilda skin

  3. ID:40909473(2036)
    SKIN:Frame Red Lips (Audora)

    u are the best video moba
    gg BP

  4. ME:MG heroes evolved
    ME:Less noobs??? REALLY?
    Instantly downloads heroes evolved*
    Instantly deletes mobile legends*

  5. IGN:wizardTENSION28
    SKIN: frey dark rose


  6. IGN :RxmziiiMŁ
    ID :56029220(2091)
    Skin:Zilong (Dragon Knight)
    "I do all what you want"

  7. Id- 79352064
    IGN- BlAnK_64
    Skin- moskov spear of the bone dragon


  9. just so u all know heroes evolved is originaly a pc game 🙂 so dont compare with mobile legends bruh

  10. ID:65451247
    SKIN: Guns and Roses
    I hope I win

  11. IGN:Bl4ck_Sh33p
    Skin:Phantom Blade(Karina)
    ❤ this channel

  12. ID • 27999328 (2042)
    IGN • blackwidow
    Skin • Gatot Kaca {Mighty Guardian}

  13. ID : 57426788
    IGN : Askar D. Luffy
    Skin : bruno (best DJ)

  14. ID:62498947
    SKIN:Zilong's Dragon Knight

  15. 10371550
    Cannon and Roses

  16. Heroes Evolved

    1. You can use your items.
    2. We have wards/fog of war
    3. Passive can be leveled up.
    4. We actually have 60 heroes overall. The rest of the heroes are on PC version.
    5. HE came out first.
    6. Heroes are easy to get.
    7. No lag 😊

  17. What are the songs in this vid

  18. I really like Mobile Legends but when i try playing Heroes Evolve, it is better than ML in my opinion

  19. lol, just wanna share my story. I used to play ML, i liked it so much … until someone told me about HE. I tried HE once, and then … immediately uninstaled ML for God knows the reason(S) why. So, for me HE is the winner, waay much (if there is competition and stuff, since you used 'vs'). But then again, this is just my story to share. Hopefully no one get offended.

    Sorry for my 'not-so-good' english tho- ….

  20. ID:46126862
    Skin:Cyclops Super Adventure

    I hope i win😭😭

  21. ML-
    Good voice line (execpt for Alucard and Nana)
    Animation intro
    Non bugged walking animation.
    Serious Lag
    Need improvement for voice line
    Sometime you walk without walking
    Non Laggy

    ID: 30053620
    Skin: Irithel's Silver Cyclone or Cyclops Super Adventurer

  23. Reason y Bluepanda started comparing.He likes heroes evolved

  24. who like heroes evolved

  25. hah Mobile Legends is the best ♡

  26. Heroes Evolved
    ID: 5950c946549779ab39d88a58#610000
    IGN: Elusid
    Skin: Nosferatu Vampiric Schoolboy
    (Subscribed and liked)

  27. I 1st played ML because its the trend but after playing a couple of game in HE, I fell in love with the game. Fun heroes to use and enjoyed the graphi, gameplay and teamwork there.

  28. Hi i like you video.. Can i borrow skin eudora flame red my name account Takok and id:57450673(2069)plss add friend and give me borrow skin eudora.. Tq

  29. i like HE because its similar like dota2. have wards..good graphic.. but ML is shite graphic n lagging..

  30. Heroes Evolved The best Moba Mobile

  31. I love ML but i hate the lag and the team mate that act like pro but its has lots of death!! That's why i move on HE because of its graphics and gameplay has no lag !!

  32. Thumbs Up to the HE gamerz here !! BluePanda make more videos about HE and tips about it !! ThankYou (^_^)

  33. I like the most is ml because in heroes envoled well im just a kid you know and when i played he its said"hol*****!so i cant play he because im just a kid ok..who else a kid playing he or ml?

  34. In my opinion heroes evolved is the best and it has pc version

  35. my opinion
    1.Dota 2
    2.league of legends
    4.arena of valor
    5.mobile legend
    6.heroes evolved

  36. HE so boring!!!!! ML is better i played heroes arena HE and ML da best

  37. ID: 60119168
    IG: Aren
    Skin: Irithel Silver Cyclone

  38. I like MLBB than HE.. it's more fun in MLBB XD

  39. The 3 things that "Heroes Evolved" have that Ml dont have is.
    1: Items from a build that have an active skill (Some may not have, but you can only use 3 item that has active skill) Example. Shapeshift Axe: Creates a clone for a short duration dealing damage and taking damage.

    2: Skins dont give you attributes and additional stats.
    I mean if fight a Sun Wukong with skin, you have no skin, you have the same build, and he has additional stats, would you win?

    3: Skins can be bought using coins or gems (Gems is also obtainable in HE) Compare to ML you have to purchase just to get the skin.

    So yea, by the way HE also has good graphics and animation.
    Sadly theres no hero animation in the "Hero select".
    But ML and HE may be a tie
    because of ML's popularity.

  40. I don't like heroes evolved you don't want ML because you don't play it try to play it you will like it very very much and I like it very much

  41. I used to play ML and then try HE because my little brother forced me to. And you know what? I left ML for HE with no regret. You should try… won't hurt. 😂

  42. U should make a vid about HE new hero rework

  43. *doesn't explain the hero's from MLBB that are evolved in heroes evolved

  44. IGN: Gregoncio
    ID: 17750565
    Irithel skin
    Liked and subscribed

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