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IS ALPHA OP AGAIN? Mobile Legends Gameplay (+New Map)

IS ALPHA OP AGAIN? Mobile Legends New Map Gameplay! So here we have some gameplay of the new buffed alpha! So is he finally back? let’s find out!

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Previous video (new hero mona cinematic trailer):

In This Video:
Mobile Legends Alpha Gameplay
Mobile Legends Alpha great build
Mobile Legends New map update patch

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  1. ID: 24287658

  2. What is the best build for alpha now? Cant seem to build a strong build.. could you help me?

  3. ID:50700814 (2008)
    IGN:Bilal legends
    Skin:space time hayabusa

  4. ID:61359629
    Skin:Roger Dark Gent
    (Subscribed and Liked)

  5. 💙🐼💙
    ID: 50970403
    Ign: ✡Alucard✡
    Skin: Cyclops Exorcist
    Like and Subscribed! And i keep watching ur videos

  6. ID: 80008875
    IGN: ari_007ek
    skin: glass blade
    (Subscribed and Liked)

  7. Yes his op again i play him 5 times and i got 4-6 legendary……does he have a life steal when he use his skills?

  8. ID- 55971629
    IGN- IceWizard
    skin- silver cyclone(irithel)
    (subscribed and liked)

  9. Alpha vs Roger. Who do you think would win?

  10. ID: 50641694
    Skin: natures thorne
    (like & subscrib)

  11. ID-65632611
    IGN-Tayongmaong Longchar
    Skin-Chou Hip pop
    Subscribe and Like done

  12. IGN: pires pieleheun
    ID: 70221032(2125)
    Skin: every thing Cyclops okay :')
    (Subscribed and Liked)

  13. ID:88747449
    IGN: DarkSiderZzZ
    Skin:Roger Dark Gent

  14. Subscribe ☑️ like ☑️
    ID : 72512701 (2221)
    IGN : petra

  15. ALPHA SS + Petrify is so Cool. Try it Blue Panda. 😀

  16. ID: 62411853
    IGN: Fak!
    ( Liked & Subcribed)

  17. ID:45746164 (6041) IGN:Azar Skin:Odette Black Swan (Subscribed and Liked)

  18. Who is still playing Alpha after his 2 Buffs ? I am still playing him

  19. ID:96361658(2504)
    Skin:miya (any skin)

  20. I'm an Alpha player…..I can give my build…..One time I played using Alpha my KDA is 12 0 6

  21. ID.5782042
    IGN.Ha3x Run
    SKIN.Alpha Fierce Dragon
    (Subscribe and Liked)

  22. Wew my favourite hero alpha i still find him op tho

  23. Are you Happy or Sad that They Buffed Alpha? ^^

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