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Insane 2-1 Unlocking Goblet of Life F2P! Castle Clash

Insane 2-1 Unlocking Goblet of Life F2P! main thing will be getting PD stacks!

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Credit to Pokemixr92 for the music

https://youtube.streamlabs.com/aevatrexcastleclash if you want to help me get a green screen to do more face cam vids!

https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2621064 For continued support!
Nothing is required but anything is appreciated!

Join PandaTrex!
Looking for active players who can haul at 20:45 server time for torch and participate in guild wars each and every time!
We are a Top 10 Guild Focused on Guild Wars!

Prefer players with 210k Might Minimum and necessary heroes to score consistently in Guild Wars! (Aries, Warlock, Skull Knight, WG Mino, Devo Etc)
Competitive but fun guild to be in!
Work towards gaining might and getting strong to Perform well in all assets of the game!
Boss 3 at 22:00 server time daily. Boss 2 (New Merit Boss) 21:30 Server time
No Rules Boss. Start from beginning with no limits.
Max rewards at Torch battle – 960 shards.
Line contacts: (LINE ID) Toonamo
(LINE ID) Thomlch (thats an L not an i)


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  1. lol i 3 flamed this dungeom with a non evo druid and some single evo heroes..

  2. i cant make insane dungeon 1-5 and i have 6 good evos…

  3. thank you i cant do this my highest is 80%

  4. Can I do this with Evo Vlad 8/10, Evo pd 5 revite 9/10, Evo heartbreaker 7/10, Evo grimfiend 7/10, Evo sk 8/10 and unevo Cupid 5 revite 8/10? Should I switch skullknight for another hero? I don't have a ghoul nor a dread drake or lil nick, so this wont work for me. Any tips?

  5. i can't get 3 flame … i 3 flamed 4/10 can u help aeva ?

  6. Yo aev when do you stream on PocketLIVE?

  7. I think u should replace vlad with santa. Ur PD has high zerk and skill so it can reach max stacks within a few hits. For most lower tiered players vlad just kill stacks, good for 50% but not 100%
    In fact Its better to have druid as healer in lower level dungeons like insane4.

  8. Hey can you do a video of insane 5-4 using that team please? I just can't figure it out:(

  9. Can I use anubis or grizzly reaper instead of lil nick? I also have santa boom.

  10. Hey Aevatrrx You Think You Could Do A Insane Dungeon Series??

  11. Ik I can do this, but most f2p people don't have as strong of heroes as that so not sure too helpful that is.. and if their heroes are that strong, they would've already beat it ya know?

  12. I did this yesterday with wl Aries reaper gh pd cupid only wl and reaper was devo

  13. can u do it again without ghoulem?

  14. im f2p …recently i got anubis from just one 150 roll 😅

  15. hi, AEV I have sent a message in your chat line

  16. I don't have the dread drake and the lil god

  17. what if I don't have gh and DD?

  18. Can u do it with out vlad @Aevatrex

  19. I win this dungeoun with a hero sniper, grizzelie, warlock, santa cupid, pumkin duc and probably Vlad pixie or aries i don't remember

  20. Could you do frame by frame 5-10 and 6-10? With heroes that is out now

  21. nice, i was starting to wonder if you guys only did videos with p2p heroes lol nice video keep em coming…

  22. i cant call it f2p if i dont even have dd and ghoulem

  23. wow, this actually helped a lot, couldnt get this dungeon done with like 40/50try's but finally managed to get my goblet! thx, but for the next dungeon could you do artifacts/pets setup aswell??

  24. 70% because I don't have Lil nick 💔

  25. +Aevatrex can you do it without ghoulem? I didnt got him yet 🙁

  26. who else 3 flamed this after watching the video ? thanks Aevatrex 😀

  27. The main issue is about 0 f2p players have all those heroes devo 10/10 with a good talent

  28. would be better if you actually used f2p heros tbh they are technically f2p but ehh got a replacement for nick??? also what about a 5hero team for it still getting my 6th hero base

  29. what is the worst team that can still beat this so we know when we ate ready?

  30. What was that aevatrex ??? This is too bad way to do as f2p it can be done way eazyer than that !? I did it with reaper and shard heroes

  31. thanks bro… help a lot~ (Y)

  32. GloryOfEurope is recruiting ! daily bossfight on 15:00 server time. daily donation of 50 shards ! we need 1 more vice-leader that can help us with recruiting/helping guild members with questions

  33. Why don't you show your last 2 GW fails? It's good reaction video, or you don't have balls to show a fail? lol

  34. can you all sub to me I play Castle clash and dragon city I am 13 though so don't complain, I really am wishing for 100 subs

  35. Damm it actually worked I had every hero but ghoulem

  36. been trying so hard to past it

  37. you think its possible with no vlad or ghoulem? and not evolved heros?

  38. Thank You Ave!!! I'm so tired of these rolling Videos, The Castle Clash Cummunity is FULL of them. please upload more Information videos like this

  39. I mean… its a decent tactic, but you can succeed with much weaker heroes, if you have a strong GR. If you can get enough speed, you are going to have no enemies left by 60%.

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