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Guild Hall

Guild Hall is a building required to join or create a Guild. Upgrade this building to increase the number of Flags that can be stored. To create a new guild, 500,000 Gold are required.

Guild credits can be obtained by selecting the Guild Hall, tapping on Guild, switching to the Guild Donation tab and then donating Shards, (Collected from Dungeons,Quest board  and HBM ), which will convert 1:1.

When creating a new guild, besides the 500,000 Gold cost, a banner is also required. Normal banners are free and sparkly banners cost 300 Gems. Guild name must contain only letters and numbers, no space or symbols attached. Guild might requirement must be lower than the creator or a Leader’s might.

The amount of days shown on the “My Guild” tab represent the time when a member was last online.

If a member of the guild leaves or is expelled from the guild, there will be a 24hr lockdown for that member before joining other guilds.

If the leader of a guild does not go online for some consecutive days or leaves the guild, there will be voting session for 24hrs. A vote button will be enabled next to leave button. In voting session any member can cast one vote to any member or himself to become the next leader. The member with most number of votes will be chosen as a new leader at the end of voting session. Members in the guild cannot leave the guild during voting session and need to wait till its completion.

If no one votes after 24 hours the voting season will not end. However if 1 member votes the voting season ends and the only one voted member will win.


If you’re looking for new members or a guild, you should visit the Guilds page.


When you click the Guild Hall, you will find several Icons which consists of 5 different icons. These Icons are mainly use to enter in Guilds. These are the Info, Level Up, Guild, Flag and Event. Each Icon has purpose which is given below:

Info Levelup Guild1 Flags Event1
  • Info – shows the details of information about the Guild hall.
  • Level Up –  this is an option where you can upgrade your Guild Hall in certain levels.
  • Guild – shows your Guild. It shows all the lists of members inside your guild and the stats including rankings, donations, information of your guild, upgrades for Flags and Guild level up and troops ability.
  • Flag – the icon where you can buy riches and protection flags which costs certain amount of Guild Credits.
  • Event – this is where the challenge a boss happens, either Boss1  or Boss 2 and Boss 3.

There are another Icons which you will find once you Level Up your Guild Hall. These are the Cancel Icon and the Finish Icon. The details for Cancel and Finish Icons are as follows.

Cancel Finish
  • Cancel – if you want to cancel your Level Up process, you can do so by hitting this icon. It will notify you that you can only retrieve 50% of the amount you spend for the Level Up you have made.
  • Finish – is an icon where Gems are involved. If you want to finish instantly certain Level Up you have made, you can do so by spending the amount of gems shown on the top of the Finish Icon. Red number means that your gems stock is insufficient.

Guild Guide

If you’re looking for a fully detailed guide about the Guild Hall, with pictures and everything, visit http://us.forum.igg.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=74999&extra=page%3D1


Ranks show the privileges of a user.

Rank Description
Leader Can do everything
Vice Leader Can do most things the Leader can do, except for disbanding the guild
Elite Accept and reject applications only, donated more than 10,000 Shards
Soldier No privileges, donated more than 3,000 Shards
Member No privileges


Flag guildThe research can be used to upgrade the guild (increasing its maximum member count) and to buy/upgrade flags.

Guild Level Max. Member Unlocks Unlocks Flag Level Level Up Cost (Guild Credits)
I 30 Boss 1, Riches (Flag) I 400
II 35 2,100
III 40 Boss 2, Protection (Flag) II 4,800
IV 45 10,800
V 50 Boss 3 III 18,000
VI 55 33,000
VII 60 IV 63,000
VIII 65 Boss 4 97,500
IX 70 V 168,000
X 75


Flags can be used like spells. It can be bought with Shards at the Guild Hall. Depending on the Guild Hall level, you can store up to eight flags. Upgrading a flag increases its effects

Flag Level Description Cost req. Guild Level Level Up Cost (Guild Credits)
Riches flag
Flag richesRiches
I Grants a 10% Mana and Gold Bonus based on the total amounts obtained during raids. 400 I
II Grants a 15% Mana and Gold Bonus based on the total amounts obtained during raids. 400 III 1,800
III Grants a 20% Mana and Gold Bonus based on the total amounts obtained during raids. 400 V 4,800
IV Grants a 25% Mana and Gold Bonus based on the total amounts obtained during raids. 400 VII 12,000
V Grants a 30% Mana and Gold Bonus based on the total amounts obtained during raids. 400 IX 28,800
Protection flag
Flag protectionProtection
I Deployed Troops take 4% less DMG until the end of the battle. This Flag doesn’t effect Heroes. 500 II
II Deployed Troops take 8% less DMG until the end of the battle. This Flag doesn’t effect Heroes. 500 III 2,100
III Deployed Troops take 12% less DMG until the end of the battle. This Flag doesn’t effect Heroes. 500 V 5,400
IV Deployed Troops take 16% less DMG until the end of the battle. This Flag doesn’t effect Heroes. 500 VII
V Deployed Troops take 20% less DMG until the end of the battle. This Flag doesn’t effect Heroes. 500 IX


After the last update at version 1.2.55, events in Guild tab has given an update too.Just click Guild, then Event tabs and you will see different doorss. A room where there were 4 doors has been showed and each room is an entrance to different events for the game. Out of four doors shown, 2 doors which rooms were already opened and introduced to the players. These rooms are, the events for Challenge a Boss, and the other one for Torch Battles .

Event banner1
Room Boss
Challenge a Boss
Room Flame
Torch Battle
Room Unknow
Coming Soon
Room Unknow
Coming Soon

Challenge A Boss Event

Room BossThe guild can do daily Boss Fights, to earn Honor Badges. When the boss is activated, the guild has 30 minutes to defeat him and receive HB. If guild members cannot kill the boss in given time, they still get prizes but it’s lower than if the boss is defeated.

For detailed information see Challenge a Boss.

Torch Battle

Room FlameGuild with rank 3000 in the Guild Rank can participate on this Event. Torch Battles begin every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:00 am and lasts 12 hours which closes at server time.The Guild Ranks are based on the calculation for that day.The Goal of the game is to Haul and Steal each Guild’s Torch (flame) which the reward varies on the amount of Torch claimed and protected. For detailed information see Torch Battles.

Coming Soon Event

Room UnknowThere are two Doors which are stated as “Unknown Rooms”. These rooms were preparations for the 2 new events which will be added soon.


Level Hitpoints Level Up Cost (Mana) Level Up Time Flag Slots Space for flags Might
1 3,500 3,000 30s 1 1 10
2 4,000 12,000 2m30s 1 1 20
3 5,000 27,000 5m 1 1 30
4 5,500 48,000 15m 1 2 40
5 6,500 75,000 30m 1 2 50
6 7,500 108,000 1h 1 2 60
7 9,000 147,000 2h 1 3 70
8 10,500 192,000 4h 1 3 80
9 12,000 243,000 8h 1 3 90
10 14,000 300,000 12h 1 4 100
11 16,500 363,000 1d 2 4 110
12 19,000 432,000 2d 2 4 120
13 21,500 507,000 3d 2 5 130
14 25,000 588,000 4d 2 5 140
15 29,000 675,000 5d 2 5 150
16 33,500 768,000 6d 2 6 160
17 38,500 867,000 7d 2 6 170
18 45,500 972,000 8d 2 7 180
19 52,500 1,083,000 10d 2 7 190
20 63,000 1,200,000 12d 2 8 200


Tier (Level) 1 (1) 2 (2) 3 (3) 4 (4-5) 5 (6-7)
Image Guild hall 1 Guild hall 2 Guild hall 3 Guild hall 4 Guild hall 5
Tier (Level) 6 (8-9) 7 (10-11) 8 (12-14) 9 (15-17) 10 (18-20)
Image Guild hall 6 Guild hall 7 Guild hall 8 Guild hall 9 Guild hall 10

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