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German Server Confusion! Rolling Some Gems! Castle Clash

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  1. i can see plp lol on this video so hard right now and i will not get mad about it if u do not know how to say it right

  2. ä<——this letter u must pronounce like the a in can

  3. well, that was fun to watch! 😀

  4. Lol you rolled actually 2 Todesritters (Death knights) one right after the other. Btw your pronunciation is quite hilarious!! 🙂

  5. nice video aevatrex and I understood everything
    the translations:
    Orden= merits (dk how it's written)
    Ehre= fame
    Ruhmpunkte= honor badges
    Splitter= shards
    Edelsteine= gems
    Seelensteine= soulstones
    legendäres Pet-Ei= legendary pet egg

  6. gra ktos z PL (Polska) na DE(Niemcy)?

  7. How sweet,he think that he can get a hero by the events^^

  8. dont expect anything from events on the german server. the odds are waaayy lower than on other servers

  9. his german wasnt bad at all

  10. What the fuuuuk is that talent luck

  11. He Aevatrex do u think 5bw is good for rose?
    dont know if it increases the copters attack. if it doesnt there are quite a few better talents i guess..

  12. Its very funny to watch that Video as a german

  13. All I know before I watch is splitter = shards

  14. You're so comical period Aev LMAO especially when you got that 5 bw you did the shrug then "I guess I'll be right back" 🙂

  15. hay Aevatrex can you help me please
    i want to sell my account and i'm not sure where and how

  16. The guy who owns this acc, pls do not use that Rose for devo, make a 2e Rose with another talent

  17. what is the name of music his intro?

  18. can you do a video for the new deungon? How to clear it? Thanks 🙂

  19. i dont know germany but the way he speak its funny:D

  20. Hahaha diese Aussprache….

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