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Fast Forwarding is FUUUUN! Castle Clash

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  1. 19 seconds to fast forward infernal summit

  2. we tried to x4 our l3 but it always fails then we doit normally and pass, bugged?

  3. Does this work for mesa? If so that's gonna be a big help on my smurf acc seeing as its not worth my time now to take 27 minutes to do them all

  4. I think the 20s CD timer shud be lifted for non-random pair-ups because its just annoying at this point. It also give ppl room for misclicking and backing out.
    I know how you're trying to be subtle abt the change that u don't like? But i'm pretty sure its the spending gems options for squad-showdown. I mean what other gamemodes they made changes

  5. You can fast forward against the Demon in lost realm

  6. aevatrex check the "new" gamemode, hero duels.
    Some major changes there, and now you cam access it all day long.

  7. I'm pretty excited about this. It will save me a lot of time running lava

  8. I have a bad phone and its sooooo laggy

  9. if you activate the fluent mode for weak devices in the settings it runs astonishing fluently✌

  10. problem is, sometimes fastforward can't be handled on some devices, and you have to wait for the people who can't handle it to rejoin, thus removing the purpose of it in the first place?

  11. Should I evolve Dread Drake… how useful is he I just rolled a dupe. I have almost every hero so not sure if DD worth evolving he has 4/5 corrode

  12. in mesa its buggy asf for me xd

  13. what about today squad slowdown upload strategy video

  14. oh, u face reveled:) Looking goood:D

  15. I tried updating cc. it wouldn't let me so I had to uninstall. when I re installed it, it wouldn't let me cause of my storage but I have a lot of storage left! looks like cc takes a lot of storage

  16. im away from cc for 2 mths and aevatrex gets a demogorgon! when did that happen?

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