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F2P Quickie! Event Legendary Hero Card! Castle Clash

For Recruitment Message Line ID: positive-gaming
Previous Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnJvSKDnGSw

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  1. I rolled a 450 and got a Michael on a brand new acc

  2. Plz can someone tell me the song he used for when he got pumpkin duke plz

  3. when I get a pumpkin duke, I'm just like aww!!! why the fuck! give me sk or dd!! cause getting pd for me isn't that hard…..

  4. I get a PD from it… ;-; I have way too much PD…

  5. why do people get hyped to get pd nowadays, back then, or in general. one can play well without a pd, very well. and that pd is only useful if you have good heroes to support, such as dd, ghoulem, vlad, aries, grimfiend, trixie, lil nick, or even orksbane. if you have terrible heroes, for instance, dk, champion, candykane, tg or immortep, pd is also useless, since his boost won't make up for their shit statuses and abilities. not to mention his boost can easily be countered without debuffs. revitalize and berserk stunners and/or coma inflicting heroes will do that.

  6. I got Anubis from free roll.


  8. Ave I got one two with a 4/5 revitalize

  9. Lucky last epiosode he got a lil nick and i want on my f2p and got lil nick now i hope when i reach 6,000 i will get a pumpkin duke

  10. crazy how easy it is to get a PD nowadays. I got my minotaur before my first PD.

  11. I am sorry to disappoint you, but pd is not a rare hero any more.


  13. On the fifth , I bought 57k gems and got 2 anubis , 2 ronin and a rock , so stoked, congratulations on pd avatrex. 🙂 , put out some info on the new skins 😉

  14. Fuck off aevatrex i had 80k might when i got pd. Nowaday f2p start seems pretty damn easy

  15. I got my first ghoulem from that card on my f2p main

  16. I like the music drop when you got it, good job!

  17. I'm not suprised you got Pumpkin Duke he's the easiest to get out of that card i opened 10 of them over 10 F2P accounts got pumpkin duke out of 6 of them it actually annoying as i had Pumpkin Duke in 4 of them already.

  18. Had 3 accounts. Got 3 Candy Kanes with theses cards :/

  19. I opened the event card and got pd. MY FIRST ONE! Then…. i open a normal hero card and i get a pd right after lol idc im happy

  20. pd is really easy to get from a normal legendary hero card, so it isnt that good toget it from this card

  21. Wassup @Aevatrex. I know you're probably not interested, but I could offer you a kinda fresh account (Little bit over 30 days old, almost nothing done) with a few decent heroes (PD, Cupid missing) with a 5/8 WG Anubis. Too bad I set a name a few days ago tho, BUT the account currently isn't linked to any google account whatsoever.

  22. I got my first pd at 40k might…..

  23. Fuck off Aevatrex! I've been playing for 4 years as F2P and I couldn't roll a PD like ever. When the PD pack for 5$ came out, I was thinking about buying it as it was the first thing I would buy in CC. And I've decided to buy it. That's how I got my PD. I've rolled TONS of gems, opened like every possible card that showed up for merits in Warehouse and I couldn't get a PD from that … You start a NEW account and get it straight away. Go fuck yourself. BTW, I like the series, keep it up!

  24. so much hype for a common legend..

  25. please someone tell me the background song name from the first one minute of the clip

  26. I got a gunslinger from a random normal legendary hero card! Kappa

  27. HOW i was 70k might before i got my first pd 😂

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