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Double Evolving New Hero Rockno! 8/8 Bulwark! Castle Clash

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  1. How do you play on private servers ? Please tell me
    PS- Love your vids

  2. I want see pockeytown..😋😋😋

  3. my rockno i use 7/8 blade shell,crest lvl 4 flame guard,this is tanker.who touch on high HP,will die because reflect.

  4. He reminds me of the Time where vlad came out and we saw a hero 1 shot walls for the First time

  5. I think Corrode would be good

  6. If you use books to get to 200, from 180 to 200, do you get more worth back in books, then it cost to take to 200?

  7. lifedrain is not good for rockno, his attack is too slow; WG would be better, or some kind of flameguard/bladeshell setup so the other heroes destroy themselves, or even corrode as a third choice; basically anything besides LD

  8. He''s not that good for what his skill says he can barely take out an unevo sk and dd.

  9. can you play my castle clash because i did not want to play it anymore…igg id 243209916

  10. Please help with building my account please

  11. and with max dmg like 8/8 wargod and lvl 5 boulwork and the waraxe😃

  12. gg he have 36.000.000+ Points when he sells the XP Books xD gg he have no live wtf… With 100k Might, i have 180k Might and i have pay 0. ZERO for this game gg

  13. igg suck at balancing games

  14. tem uma conta ai pra mim doa não

  15. is this a private server if plz tell me how to get it

  16. why did not you show us rokno's total HP after you have got it to 200

  17. Tonight my first roll, was Rockno. 🙂


  19. I gotta question when I tried to devo a hero it doesn't come up the "evolve" button when u go on the hero, what do I do

  20. Made me cringe when you used gems to buy gold

  21. Have you bougt all of these gems or have you used hacks?

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