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Tips and tricks

Castle Clash Glitch

To get the glitch click on the shop button found on the bottom right of your playing screen and then click on the FREE button on the top right. It will then open a page where you can get free gems by doing different offers. Now the offers part is not the glitch we are talking about. If you want …

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Castle Clash Tips

When you are building your village you need to keep in mind a few things so that you can hold off your enemies from destroying your entire Castle. You should put your buildings as close to each other as possible when constructing your village. The reasoning behind this is because when you put the buildings next to each other they …

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Castle Clash Hero Tips for Beginners

In Castle Clash, heroes are a very important part of your empire. They can make or break your defense and also help out tonnes when raiding other player’s bases. Tip 1: Level One Hero at a Time In order for your Hero to level quickly, you will want to let them have as much experience as possible by only deploying …

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