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Quest Board

The Quest Board is located near the entrance to Here Be Monsters. Once your Town Hall reaches Lv 7, you’ll be able to repair the Quest Board. The actual Quest Board will activate once it’s repaired. Once you open the Quests Board, you’ll be able to view different Quest set. Complete different quests for different rewards! There’s a limited amount of time for each …

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Achievements are earned doing several tasks. Gems are the rewards for completing an achievement. The total amount of Gems earned through achievements is 7625, which is roughly worth 49$ USD and can be used to roll about 51 Heroes or anything else. Icon Achievement Gems Town Hall reaches Lv 4. 15 Town Hall reaches Lv 12. 40 Town Hall reaches Lv 20. 100 Gold Vault reaches …

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Nobility Titles were introduced in 1.2.37 (Android) and 1.2.9 (iOS). They offer daily rewards based on your Might and a stat boost % (ATK and HP) in the Arena. The reward must be claimed manually by tapping on your might and after that on “Claim“. Note that when you reach the title “Lord”  with its current might, aside from boost   %, gems  and HB  , you will be receiving a daily reward of 10 Shards  a …

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Daily Reward

The Daily Reward was added in 1.2.37 on March 7th 2014 and rewards you with Heroes, Honor Badges and Gems each day you log in. The reward must be claimed manually by tapping on the gift box (as seen on the right side on this page) in the top left corner of the screen, switching to the tab “Daily Reward” and tapping on “Claim“. After claiming all 30 rewards, the daily …

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Earn Gems

More Events! Earning Gems  by participating in various IGG events. Usually random picks from posts on official IGG forum in section Event Zone. Rate Us 5 Stars! Simply go to Apps Market, click for Castle Clash and rate us 5 stars. Get 100 gems  after giving us a 5 stars rate! Note: You can rate the game 5 Stars and claim the reward even if you have …

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