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Equipment is a new method of upgrading Evolved heroes in the game. It resembles elements of the Inscription process and Talents with its own distinctions from both. Equipment is accessed via the Armory Requirements To unlock equipment you must have a evolved hero of a particular type. Then, within the armory the option to unlock the 1st level of equipment will be available for that hero …

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Talents are passive abilities for Heroes. The higher the level of a Talent is, the stronger the effect. The level of a Talent can’t be increased unless it is 5/8, 6/8, or 7/8, instead the player is given the possibility to roll for a new Talent with gems, talent refresh cards, or level 5 talent chests. Revive Heavy Blow Revitalize Scorch Self Destruct Deadly …

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Artifacts are available at Relic Hall. At least one evolved hero is required. Artifact are accessible through an individual hero in Heroes Altar. Victor’s Emblem Lightning Rock Blitz Scroll Axe of Strife Eye of Garuda Goblet of Life Introduction to Artifacts and Hero Attributes Artifacts and Hero Attributes are features introduced in version 1.2.78 (December 2015) that modify the way a hero behaves in battle. Hero Attributes are …

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Experience is earned by destroying buildings in Raids and Dungeons, or as a reward for successfully defending a wave in the Here Be Monsters challenge. Higher level buildings offer more Experience. Defeating enemy troops orHeroes doesn’t give any Experience, as well as participating in Arena battles or Boss fights. Any Experience gained goes to your Heroes, troops do not gain …

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The Star level defines the maximum level a Hero can reach. Every hero starts with Star level 1, which allows a maximum level of 20. After your hero reaches level 20, a Star Upgrade can be purchased in theHeroes Altar after selecting the hero, to increase the maximum level of your hero by another 20 levels. Also, purchasing the Star …

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