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Fortress Feud

In Brief Runs on the Sunday of every other week for 1 hour made up of three 20 minute rounds. Guilds must register and select a time slot the day before (Saturday of the week). Each player can form up to 3 teams each consisting of up to 6 heroes that can placed in any of the 9 slots. After …

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Guild Wars

Guild Wars is a mode added for player involved with their guilds. This allows the player to support their guild by fighting 4 different guilds in a time frame of 24 hours every Thursday and Sunday. Requirements: the guild has to be in the top 4000 in might  to participate in guild wars. Ranking is a set of 5 guilds. …

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Castle Crisis

Castle Crisis is a Server-Wide Event All players on the server participate together in this event. The event is made up of three normal stages and one final stage. Clear all three normal stages to unlock the final stage. The event will last longer than a day. Each stage can only be attempted a limited number of times per day. …

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Challenge a Boss

The Guild can do daily boss fights at the Guild Hall, to earn Honor Badges. When the boss is activated, the guild has 30 minutes to defeat him and receive HB. The rewards are based on the amount of damage dealt to him. If he is defeated, the rewards will be more. Notes: Members that are offline or cannot attack the guild boss at least once …

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