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Castle Clash Tower Guide – Using Heroes In Your Garrison

In order for you to put a hero in the tower, you will need to upgrade your basic tower to level 10 before you can unlock the garrison feature. Once that condition is met, you have the option to use the garrison. There are primarily 3 towers you can upgrade into and they are Arrow, Cannon and Magic tower.

Tower Types

The Cannon Tower does splash damage and is very useful against ground ranged units like hunter, centuar and pyromancer. The Arrow tower is quick and fires rapidly at 1 enemy. It is great against heroes. The Magic tower deals damage to 3 units at once, which makes it a balanced tower. It personally like Magic and Arrow since it deals damage to both ground and air units.

Arrow Tower Garrison

You can then choose to place your heroes to increases 3 different skills of the tower.

Arrow Tower Garrison Placing

When you assign heroes to the garrison, you get tower skill bonuses based on the level of the hero and also the hero’s special skill level. The higher the hero’s special skill level, the more bonus points you get. Here is a quick chart on how many points you get:

Hero Bonus Skill Points
Special Skill Level Points
1 1
2 36
3 90
4 183
5 356
6 629
7 1060
8 2095
9 3728

For example, if my Succubus is level 60 and has a special skill level of 2, the bonus points she gets when stationed in the garrison would be 60+ 36 = 96.

Let’s take a look at the skills stats and how much it takes to upgrade the tower skills.

Level Deployment Points Required
1 30
2 140
3 300
4 650
5 1200


Type Level Description
Arrow Tower Skill Green 1 Increases Range by 3
2 Increases Range by 6
3 Increases Range by 9
4 Increases Range by 12
5 Increases Range by 15
Arrow Tower Skill Blue 1 Increase Tower HP by 10% and DMG by 2%
2 Increase Tower HP by 20% and DMG by 4%
3 Increase Tower HP by 30% and DMG by 6%
4 Increase Tower HP by 40% and DMG by 8%
5 Increase Tower HP by 50% and DMG by 10%
Arrow Tower Skill Purple 1 Deals 1.5x DMG to Heroes
2 Deals 2.0x DMG to Heroes
3 Deals 2.5x DMG to Heroes
4 Deals 3.0x DMG to Heroes
5 Deals 3.5x DMG to Heroes


Type Level Description
Cannon Tower Skill Green 1 Increase splash area by 1
2 Increase splash area by 2
3 Increase splash area by 3
4 Increase splash area by 4
5 Increase splash area by 5
Cannon Tower Skill Blue 1 Increase DMG by 20%
2 Increase DMG by 40%
3 Increase DMG by 60%
4 Increase DMG by 80%
5 Increase DMG by 100%
Cannon Tower Skill Purple 1 15% chance to fire 2 consecutive shots
2 25% chance to fire 2 consecutive shots
3 35% chance to fire 2 consecutive shots
4 45% chance to fire 2 consecutive shots
5 55% chance to fire 2 consecutive shots


Type Level Description
Magic Tower Skill Green 1 Increases ATK rate by 10%
2 Increases ATK rate by 20%
3 Increases ATK rate by 30%
4 Increases ATK rate by 40%
5 Increases ATK rate by 50%
Magic Tower Skill Blue 1 5% chance to induce coma for 1.5s
2 10% chance to induce coma for 1.5s
3 15% chance to induce coma for 1.5s
4 20% chance to induce coma for 1.5s
5 25% chance to induce coma for 1.5s
Magic Tower Skill Purple 1 Increases targets by 1, does 5% more DMG
2 Increases targets by 2, does 10% more DMG
3 Increases targets by 3, does 15% more DMG
4 Increases targets by 4, does 20% more DMG
5 Increases targets by 5, does 25% more DMG

The Arrow tower with legendary hero deployment gives the best damage output, and it is useful in higher levels(3000+ might) where players like to use more heroes.

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