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Castle Clash Tips

When you are building your village you need to keep in mind a few things so that you can hold off your enemies from destroying your entire Castle. You should put your buildings as close to each other as possible when constructing your village. The reasoning behind this is because when you put the buildings next to each other they work just like walls so you don’t have to purchase as many walls.

When your enemies are attacking they will have to work there way around all the buildings before they can get to the next structure. This also allows you to free up walls in which you can build further out away from the buildings making it harder for long ranged troops to shoot over your walls and destroying your village.

You should also focus your attention on building the arena as soon as you can so that you can start earning honor badges and to increase your rank faster. The higher rank you are the more honor badges you get per hour. When you build the arena you will automatically begin earning honor badges every hour. You will first get 50 honor badges per hour but as you rank up you can get as much as 1000 honor badges per hour. The honor badges are used to unlock and hire heroes to help battle your enemies.

Upgrade Your Town Hall

Your Town Hall is probably the most important building in your village. You should try to upgrade the Town Hall as quick as you can to increase the number of troops in your army.  The more upgrades you make to the Town Hall the more army camps and hero camps you can have on your village. This allows you to increase the size of your army to defeat your enemies. Create the biggest army you can and then send in all your troops and heroes into battle. It doesn’t matter if you send everyone into battle because the ones that survive can be saved for another battle.

castle clash tips town hall

Strategically Place Your Troops During Battle

When you are about to battle an enemy you need to use your troops in a way that maximizes their strengths. For example, use the tanks to send in first because they have a lot of health and will target every defensive building in the village and will distract the watch towers. Once the attention is all on the tanks send in the short range attackers and the long range attackers. After you sent in the short and long range attackers send in your magic users to help give long distance cover for all of your other troops. If you follow this attacking guide closely you should be successful with most of your enemy raids.

Effectively Place Your Troops to Defend

Playing offense is not the only part of the game. In order to keep enemies from destroying your castle and taking all your resources you need to have a strong defensive team of heroes. The smartest thing to do is to buy all five heroes in the game to help you with defense. Once you have all five heroes spread them evenly throughout the village to defend. try to put the rarest heroes in the village first to defend then work your way down to other heroes.  When one of your heroes gets to level 20 you can upgrade it in the heroes’ altar to keep upgrading him. The stronger the hero the easier it is for him or her to fight off the enemies. When you stop an enemy from defeating your castle you will increase in rank as well.

Who To Battle

When you are looking for someone to battle it is easy to look for someone who has a ton of resources such as gems and gold; however, you shouldn’t just look at the amount of resources. Some castles with a lot of resources may be the hardest to destroy and you may lose your entire army trying to get it. You should concentrate on looking for villages with good amounts of resources while also being easy to destroy. You don’t want to lose an entire army over resources so find a village with a little less but doesn’t have a village with good defensive towers and heroes yet.

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Maximize Gold and Mana Mines

Upgrading your Town Hall and heroes is very important but you also need to build and keep upgrading your gold and mana mines. Without these mines you won’t be able to make upgrades in the future. That being said, you need to upgrade your gold mines, mana mills and your vaults so you can maximize your resources in the future. If you lose an entire army during a battle you want to be able to create a new one right away instead of waiting for resources so its very important to maximize your upgrades as soon as you can.

castel clash tips gold mines

Complete Achievements

By completing achievements you can earn gems The more achievements you earn the more gems you will be rewarded with. In the beginning of the game it may take some time to complete some achievements but stick with it because they will pay off in the future. The achievements can be found under the present tab. Scroll through and find all the different tasks that you can complete and try to complete it.

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