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Castle Clash Sneak Peek! Level 200 heroes!

Hey Clashers! We heard more about Hero Evolution, straight from Treantaur himself!

You’ll need a Lv 200 Hero plus the right resources and materials to do this. Evolving your Hero will permanently increase the Hero’s growth rate and give them a legendary orange glow!


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  1. Igg is going crazy on updates

  2. Prolly gonna cost runes to evolve

  3. It's like col2 they might get an evo which could increase hp/attack or could have special abilities like divines or something

  4. What's the difference between normal and evolved hero!

  5. im kindof wondering about what will happen to ordinaries or elites when they evolve, will we possibly have 6 different colors?

  6. I'm guessing that the cap isn't going to be at 200

  7. Orange cupid? Orange santa? Lol

  8. VLAD Orange… 0_o Skull knight orange… 0_0

  9. The requirement of level 200 makes it basically like a new star level with probably different resources and a new look. I think it would be cooler if you could evolve as you level up.

  10. So I will probably get PD and Vlad up firstSecond.

  11. I wanna see evolved Frost Witch x)

  12. so by permanently increasing the heroes growth rate you can have a level 2000000 druid that one shots boss 4?

  13. Check out my youtube channel justberandom. I upload Castle Clash videos.

  14. If they do this like they do for their other game Clash of Lords 2 evolve system, they will let you evolve 1 hero for example druid, then in another update or so you can evolve another hero, so on.

  15. Wenn ihr bock auf deutsche Castle Clash Videos habt dann schaut doch vorbei :)!

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