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Castle Clash Slow Down that Demon!

lets slow down that demon!!

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Nothing is required but anything is appreciated!

Join PandaTrex!
Looking for active players who can haul at 20:45 server time for torch and participate in guild wars each and every time!
We are a Top 10 Guild Focused on Guild Wars!

Prefer players with 200k Might Minimum and necessary heroes to score consistently in Guild Wars! (Aries, Warlock, Skull Knight Devo Etc)
Competitive but fun guild to be in!
Work towards gaining might and getting strong to Perform well in all assets of the game!
Boss 3 at 22:00 server time daily. Boss 2 (New Merit Boss) 21:30 Server time
No Rules Boss. Start from beginning with no limits.
Max rewards at Torch battle – 960 shards.
Line contacts: (LINE ID) Aevatrex
(LINE ID) Toonamo


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  1. What's the best team with the heroes I have Candy Kane,Moltanica,Pumpkin Duke,Thunder God,Santa Boom,Grizzly Reaper, Immortep,Champion & Low level 5/8 scatter Atlanticore. I mentioned atlanticore because I have heard a Scatter atlanticore is good ,I don't know myself so please help me with a team.That I can use normally for raids, dungeon,Boss

  2. I use full slowdown crest with HQ, but still unable to slowdown boss with a 4/5 revite medusa. I use a 3-5 revite val.

  3. keep in mind when you but medusa but beast tamer right after her because the summons monster will target him

  4. wasnt the demon before this one the atlanticore demon?

  5. could succubus me usefull in this game mode?

  6. replace cupid with succubus

  7. What lvl slowdown crest do you have on them.

  8. is it worth investing in a siren as f2p?

  9. why siren? please answer someone 🙂

  10. you have 3 demons ? lucky !

    on french server, ever since eyecatchers appeared every single demon had them.
    then the only change is the demon proc : first he buffed himself, but for 3 demons in a row now he started dealing huge damage (lady leo proc) because in case some people were counting on a tank team now they cant anymore.

  11. aev, please do this without medusa. I don't have medusa

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