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Castle Clash Random Mesa 4!

Lets see if we can do random mesa 4 before the maintenance!!


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  1. Thanks for the reminder man, anyways have you seen the hbm leaderboard? two person made it past T5!

  2. Love your videos man keep it up

  3. My name is Dave I DO HERE BE DEMON AND I GOT LITTLE PROBLEM I DOING AND kill him 0 health but it stuck or something no reward 😀

  4. Most people won't believe this but I beat storm mesa 4 with only my pd surviving. 9/9 5/5 zerk and a couple cupids. We beat it with 1 second left.

  5. Come check out my new YouTube on castle clash guys. Cool video Aeva!

  6. That's why you don't have to say I carry this ^*^ #GreenChest

  7. What song is in your outro? I love it

  8. Moltanica dosn't require luck, anyone can get moltanica if they spend money on gems.

  9. Mesa4 can be done with only 3pd with 5/9

  10. Lol I enjoyed this video, keep em coming! 😀

  11. Lol – ok thanks for the purple chest ur welco….. Really

  12. Hey aeva give line I want to talk with you for something please.

  13. That's how I always do Storm Mesa. It can be frustrating, especially when you see 4 PD's lvl 160 and up, and everyone's might is over 6000, then someone leaves. But I have a pretty high success rate. Need 3 PD's and everyone's might needs to be 5500+. Just did 8 successful runs this AM.

  14. If your going to do mesa 4 with randoms is the usual setup: 2 bottom 2 mid so no one left

  15. Ahhh i have my snacks i have my drink… time for some aev videos lol


  17. You have some hilarious commentary. "Hyuga? You watching too much Naruto man." LOL Thanks for making me chuckle. :')

  18. I have death knight and moltanica but no cupid or pd

  19. This video was uploaded on my bday XD

  20. commentary hilarious 😂😂😂

  21. +Aevatrex castle clash can I have a shout out in one of your vids

  22. just rolled skull knight. any sugestions? someone?

  23. can you do for fun some storm messa 1 😛

  24. awesome! made my day! 😀

  25. I'm super unlucky I don't have any good buffing heros like punking duke Cupid moltanaca

  26. its funny cause today you can have a team with just pd and blue heros and they and beat sm 4

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