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Castle Clash Opening all these Chests!

lets open up all these stuff!

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Join PandaTrex!
Looking for active players who can haul at 20:45 server time for torch and participate in guild wars each and every time!
We are a Top 10 Guild Focused on Guild Wars!

Prefer players with 200k Might Minimum and necessary heroes to score consistently in Guild Wars! (Aries, Warlock, Skull Knight Devo Etc)
Competitive but fun guild to be in!
Work towards gaining might and getting strong to Perform well in all assets of the game!
Boss 3 at 22:00 server time daily. Boss 2 (New Merit Boss) 21:30 Server time
No Rules Boss. Start from beginning with no limits.
Max rewards at Torch battle – 960 shards.
Line contacts: (LINE ID) Aevatrex
(LINE ID) Toonamo


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  1. If every single person watching this complains about guildchests, igg might notice

  2. 24 pumkin dukes?! mate, hit ur boy up lol im a 25k might n no pd.. lol the struggle

  3. yeah they need to make a different space for the crests or it easier to get more space. When you fill up your wearhouse they make you spend jems to get more space too

  4. Hey bro, what's a good talent for heartbreaker?

  5. as you know from my live stream comments to things I agree with. the next video doing the same thing is a yeeeeeeeeee

  6. you can open the druid cards with the essence and books in them. the druid will stay in your warehouse and add onto the others, I noticed that not long ago

  7. When you open the druid you get from the month, it will give you the card version and the books and slimes

  8. are you going to ever upload console games?

  9. TBH the lava chests were horrible. U got the minimal shard drop. The guild3 was good, u got double the avg fame

  10. That Druid card u have there will go to the warehouse direct so u can open it…

  11. I want to see, the Wargod Lil' Nick <3

  12. druid card will give the druid,books and slimes right into your warehouse, so opening it will give you 1 more space in the end

  13. I got another aries today after 2 years i can finally evolve aries 😊

  14. cuz u r in my friends and always inv but no answer

  15. 6:50 no they are one warehouse spot lol

  16. Hi i Got 5wG and i Need To put On Hero
    vlad has One
    Santa to
    wL also, i don't have DD
    might 200k F2P

  17. I called the specialcard i said druid and ninja lol and it was ninja druid

  18. I have gotten 2xlvl 5 Talent 1 from FF and one from lucky chest but still no Pd 😂

  19. you can open the druid card. it will stay in your warehouse

  20. just open the druid card and it will give u books and slimes and the 2 druids will stack

  21. from the gift pack druid you get books and a druid card

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