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Castle Clash New Hero Gameplay! OMG! Livestream Highlight!

this hero is just NUTS….

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Join PandaTrex!
Looking for active players who can haul at 20:45 server time for torch and participate in guild wars each and every time!
We are a Top 10 Guild Focused on Guild Wars!

Prefer players with 200k Might Minimum and necessary heroes to score consistently in Guild Wars! (Aries, Warlock, Skull Knight Devo Etc)
Competitive but fun guild to be in!
Work towards gaining might and getting strong to Perform well in all assets of the game!
Boss 3 at 22:00 server time daily. Boss 2 (New Merit Boss) 21:30 Server time
No Rules Boss. Start from beginning with no limits.
Max rewards at Torch battle – 960 shards.
Line contacts: (LINE ID) Aevatrex
(LINE ID) Toonamo


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  1. this hero gone to replace sk but at the same time sk can one hit him 3 before he get he skill out

  2. omfg wtf is this hero revives 3 times…. r u kidding???? omg

  3. i think that sword meant to be that the enemy will do less damage i think

  4. revive crest work on him because the skill's status dosen't told he came with 7 of 8 revive but he revives with 80% hp
    skull knight with 8 revive that's why crest revive dosen't work on sk cuz the highest number of talents that works so revive crest work on em . Sorr For This Big Message .

  5. Check video for skill translation. Essentially his proc is a global succubus proc. If he's at lv1 and 10-skill, he can stack on a building. With 10 procs he'll kill lv200 devo heroes as long as they don't heal or have SS since its %-based

  6. man I'm losing interest in this game. all about heroes for guild wars now it seems.

  7. is he good for gw defense???? wat do u think🤔?

  8. he should die under calamity as the other heroes no matter that he revives 3x 😉

  9. but he don't care cuz he comes back alive 😂

  10. i think aries will disable his revive like sk

  11. this hero
    in defends
    rip sniping

  12. cant we get a original design for once. i didnt know that IGG was familiar to league of legends

  13. I know Chinese. He can hit ALL troops and Heroes with % attack. and reduce hit damage % and revive 3 times.

  14. Hey! anubis is what I call him. way better name then dessert offerings. and he looks like the Egyptian god of the dead. I belive that will be the English translation.

  15. ill start saving money. this is a must have hero if there ever was one this is it

  16. His proc means that:
    -He is good for dungeons because he may kill all heroes
    -He is good in HBM because he may kill all heroes
    -He is good in GW Attack because he can snipe and revive 3 times
    -He is good in GW defense because he debuffs and revives 3 times
    -He is good in LBF because he debuffs and is imune to silence when proc'd

    He is good everywhere. Also he has a fast energy recovery similar to grimfiend it seems.

  17. You upload videos all day, everyday, no problem. xD (from stream haha!) 😀

  18. please subscribe to deegochris deegan for more castle clash videos

  19. Y'know just toss a 8/8 revive on him and a war god crest and that's a tank.

  20. he guys joined the guild  killerbe 
    challenge a boss start at 16:00 (server time)

    might required : 40000

    guild hub level 10

  21. that new hero reminds me the DBZ character- Lord Beerus !!! :p

  22. Put a revive on him as the crest set and the talent aswell he will probably stack the revives

  23. this hero's name is Anubis and his skill name horror show

  24. his revive max 3 times +1 from treantaur but revive talent and crest set have no effect on him

  25. arnita coppola that address is fake u dummy

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