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Castle Clash How to get 500+ gems


  1. 15 minutes of your time (25 mins maximum)
  2. sign into Google account (linking)
  3. Share Castle Clash via email,links,facebook.
  4. Android Device or iOS Device
  5. Latest Update (optional)

Other info:

this will work for android and iOS

This Guide was tested on US servers. but should work for other servers as well.

This Guide is targeted towards players who are first time castle clashers..

Goal: Get your account 500 Gems in 20 minutes or less.

Step 1:

Right after account Creation open “More events”

Tip 101: You can claim your daily log-in reward from here to.

Next Click “Tell your friends”

Tip 101: you dont have to share (takes a few minutes to share) all you have to do is click “tell your friends” then click “cancel” 

Note: On android click the *back arrow*

Notice: We are up to 200 Gems now.

Step 2:

Now for the ‘Buy Gems” you dont have to purchase any. locate the “Free Gems”

Tip 101: Gems may take some time to be received!

Next–> Scroll down until you find an offer that asks you to watch a trailer or check out a slideshow


Notice: We are now up to 400 Gems

Step 3: 

Gem the following buildings to level 4 (if not it will take around 40minutes)

Notice: Build a Warehouse and collect the Daily Login reward (20 gems)

Town Hall

1x Mana Vault

1x Gold Storage

After that you will get these achievements

Step 4:

Train the following troops.

Guardian level 2

Archer Level 2

Pyromancer level 2

Notice: This will get you 15 gems

Step 5: (Final)[Longest time]

Win 20 attacks (as long as you didn’t build anything else, level 2 troops will be fine and bases will be easy to 1 star.)

Step 5.1: (optional Final) [shortest time]

Do a couple of raids for some loot (get enough to get the limit for the 10 gems)

clear Level I, II and III rocks and trees (500 mana,gold/1,000 mana/gold/5,000 mana/gold)

Notice: You should now have over 500 gems.

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