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Castle Clash Harpy Queen Gameplay!

Let’s play around with harpy while i work on the full review!


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  1. She is so fast, imo you should put maybe a bulwark or scatter on her

  2. Nice video! She's not a game changer tho and I beat many harpys in arena. Kinda disappointed with this hero.

  3. I'm finally grand duke had too buy loads of paladins and used up all my hb was woethed it now I collect 75 gems a day that's huge

  4. I don't have HQ because my rolling sucks, but I don't see how she's a big help at all

  5. You… You… You just beat the boss with 1.1 billion health in about 40 seconds

  6. On tge second here be demon i have the same friend

  7. U know what's bullshit I spent 10 $ and got 2000 gems and I got no leg

  8. I challenge you to do a video and dont say more then 100 "here we go" XD

  9. Looks like her energy bar fills up with one attack

  10. Let's not have a team that will destroy everything. Immediately puts in destroyer lol

  11. Recruiting active members 20k might or more.
    Boss3 6.00 GT.
    200 weekly shard donations.
    Must torch 1 of 2 weekly torchs.
    Happy to help one another.
    Must have LINE chat add lordbenji or wildercrane to apply asap 《 noxus 》

  12. Does anyone want an account for 10 Google play. It has pumpkin duke orksbane immortep succubus druid paladin reaper pixie and champion

  13. Pixie is good for removing the demons deflect buff tho 🙁

  14. i have harpy queen!!!!

  15. harpy queen or thunder god who is better and why

  16. Can you tell me how you get all those legendary heroes? 🙂 I see a lot of people with a shit ton of 'em, but mostly high levels, so do you just wait for high level or purchase gems?

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