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Castle Clash Glitch

To get the glitch click on the shop button found on the bottom right of your playing screen and then click on the FREE button on the top right. It will then open a page where you can get free gems by doing different offers. Now the offers part is not the glitch we are talking about. If you want to know which offers we think are the best to get free gems then check out our other page where we discuss the get free gems.

When you are on the earn gems page find the offer that asks you to try the Hulu Plus offer. For this Castle Clash Glitch to work you nee to do the 7 day trial with a credit card. When you put you credit card in to do the free trial you will be rewarded with 1100 free gems right away. However, if you cancel your trial within 2 days you will lose the gems.To get this glitch you have to wait to cancel your credit card subscription until 3 days. So cancel it between the 3 and 7 day period. You will keep all your gems and won’t have to pay for anything. Just don’t forget to cancel your credit card subscription for it.

So far this is the biggest glitch we found. If you know of another Castle Clash glitch to get free resources then please share it with us by leaving a comment in the box below. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page to get the latest cheats, tips, glitches and hacks for this game.


  1. How in the world do you use Talent Rune. I have 8 Level 6 and 1 level 7. Not doing any good if I don’t know how to use them and can’t find anything on the site. Please help

    • Read guide to hero evolution here…need to be level 180 and 10 star first. Then need duplicate of same hero or 20k shards and 1 evolution rune.

  2. gus2 ko ng gemms 111111 and gold 14651648621

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