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Castle Clash Finally Double Evolving Pumpkin Duke!

Lets Double evolve PD and check him out at lv1!


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  1. both sucks lol but pk can be used in lr and bosses and stuff

  2. Evolve lady Leo, she seems less likely to roll again with gems, while phantom king is most likely to roll

  3. phantom king all the way

  4. lady leo with a full review. imo because she should be better than pk.

  5. When does Pumpkin Duke started getting good? I've got mine at lvl 132 with 5/10 almost 6/10 and it doesnt do that much of boost yet

  6. giving away skull knight account here!!!

  7. Lady Leo, Phantom king I thought was disappointing he's so low on health Even Double Evo

  8. PK dude that´s all you need. buy it and evolve him

  9. I'm selling a account plz go to my channel

  10. Lady Leo I want to see that

  11. I don't have PD and I've spent $500…..

  12. how did u get three mill honor badges

  13. 43 Pumpkin duke !!!😵😵😵😵

  14. i cannot double evolve my pumpkin but he is lvl 181

  15. 5k might has a Santa boom demogrogon Anubis pixe pd

  16. phantom king he's a good in tanking

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