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2 PentaKills 1 Game + Fastest Penta 0,5 sec (Giveaway Winners /Top 10 Plays Mobile Legends)

2 PentaKills 1 Game + Fastest Penta 0,5 sec (Giveaway Winners top 10 plays Mobile Legends)So here you have some amazing pentakills in mobile legends hope you like it! & congrats to the winners!

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Mobile Legends Pentakills
Mobile Legends top plays
Mobile Legends giveaway winners

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  1. u are an amazing YouTubers thx 🙂

  2. ID: 43286652 (3058)
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    Cyclops skin or freya skin

  3. My id: 10691725
    skin:alucard fiery inferno

  4. Hello Blue Panda.. I really want the skin of layla = ROSES

    Username = Samuel.Paris@81
    ID = 60069536

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    SKIN:Apocalyse Agent

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  8. My dream has flied away ~~

  9. Seems interesting but with lag it's a bummer. Oh, bluepanda, can we fight in custom mode. I've always wanted to challenge you. after watching your vids. I wasn't able to comment about them, cause well I'm not that very social in commenting in public… but please I want to have a match with you. My name in the game is Xeltar. Can't remember my ID, my bad. Though hopefully you accepted my request.

  10. BluePanda My skin not come to my Acc

  11. can we get 1000 likes to suport bluepanda?

  12. IGN: Jarvis13
    ID : 21192684
    Skin: Sprear of Bone Dragon🐉
    Nice videos top 10 pentakills

  13. Hey Im Here Because The Thumbnail Is Natalia Lol (Natalia Is My Favorite Hero)

  14. bluepanda . Watch my recent video . natalia penta 4sec ! please . upload it too if u want ,!

  15. ID: 33995788 (1024)Skin Hayabusa plz <3

  16. Ella Morata here! Please give me any Eudora skin. 🙁 User/ID – Oooo and 59236117(3215)

  17. Anyone can penta with the absurd handicpa that is Natalia


  19. id:1368198(3002)
    skin roger

  20. Bluepanda.. can i submit my gameplay of ML to you? for feature on top 10 pentakills or something?

  21. i want rafaela skin flower fairy

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  24. Hi,BluePanda

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  26. Blue panda,you haven't see my penta kill 1 vs 5 with moscov 🙁
    I do it really fast,like WTF ALREADY PENTA?

  27. I wannaa send u a video of me getting 2 pentas in one game 😎 but idk how

  28. how can u send it to u blue panda sir

  29. i have a crazy ass penta kill 1 vs 5 with yun zhao how do i send it

  30. name =shewill
    id =37014808
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  33. I think that the akai penta is scripted

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    I love u Blue Panda…..

  36. really like kai last one Penta kill …

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