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16k Gem rolling and power raiding

Rolling 16k Gems


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  1. to make consuming  quicker just lock all legends

  2. I like raiding but on the other side I like dungeons, rolling and hbm too.

    As for cycling through bases to raid if I have bad luck I can go through 200k-300k gold before I find good one.

  3. GRR want a cupid on my main so bad.  wow takes so much for duke to get to 8/9

  4. After watching your video and seeing you roll cupid. I bought 3000 gems and finally rolled one! Now my set of legends is complete. Nice vid by the way 🙂

  5. Hey! IOS got immortep today

  6. i need a new vice leader for my guild which is called 'SKILL' i have 6 legendaries with 10k might!

  7. i need gems a lot just to get the duke but no chance i will spend money on this game

  8. Hell ya raid it up dude love it

  9. Lol…. cupid 🙂 nice vid. Keep up the hard work. White Knights ftw

  10. I definitely like raiding the best, seeing you tactical a wide variety of bases, lets me formulate my own strategies, arena as well.  Dungeons and hbm are alright, but I feel they are more limited in the variety aspect.

  11. I have a new IOS guild I really need people have a decent legendary which are pumpkin duke , Cupid , thunder god , champion , Druid . My guild is JupiterPirates check me out pls thx

  12. That's the first Druid I have ever seen being rolled with jems

  13. I think the real question here isn't "why am I not recording this," but why would you spend $100 on this game. It's a fun game to play but there is nothing special about it that just makes me want to throw $100 at it. I love their "limited time 15% gem bonus offer" too. They have one like once a week….so how is it limited time lol. And the holiday "specials" are the exact same bonus. LOL!

  14. I cycle through a lot of bases as well. With 6 hero bases though things have gotten much easier. I see you in arena all the time, William0606.

  15. idiot buyers..play without buying gems u fucking morons

  16. I saw me in there twice. Seriyseriyvolk. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. OMG i want PD soooo bad i spent $25 and just got ninja wow

  18. Got PD Finally!! 4/9 Celabrate 3/5 Revite Almost 6 Stars!!

  19. lol You use the talen roll wrong.

  20. You can put any talent you roll on any champ you want!!

  21. great video, I got some CC content on my channel!

  22. It's awesome to see rolling videos!

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